Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or mobile application. They are used to recognize your computer as you navigate between pages on a website or when you return to a website you have visited before. Cookies play a crucial role in making platforms work more efficiently and provide information to the platform owners. We use cookies to enhance the online experience of our visitors, remember language preferences, and gain insights into the usage patterns of our Platform.

1. First-Party Cookies: Served directly by BRERA MILANO to your computer or mobile device, these cookies are used exclusively by BRERA MILANO to recognize your device when revisiting our Platform.

2. Third-Party Cookies: Served by a third-party service provider on our Platform, these cookies allow the service provider to recognize your device on other platforms. They are commonly used for analytics or advertising purposes.

Cookies can persist on your computer or mobile device for varying durations. We use both ‘session cookies’ and ‘permanent cookies’. Session cookies exist only while your browser is open and are automatically deleted when you close your browser. Permanent cookies survive after your browser is closed and can recognize your device when you revisit our Platform.

Our Platform serves the following types of cookies:

1. Cookies Necessary for Essential Purposes:
These cookies are crucial to provide you with services available through our Platform, such as access to secure areas.

2. Performance Cookies:
Used to collect information about how visitors navigate our Platform, these cookies help us monitor activity levels and improve efficiency.

3. Social Cookies:
Enabling users to share content through third-party social media platforms, these cookies may also be used for targeted advertising.

For detailed information on the cookies we collect and the information they store, refer to the provided list.

Additional services or third-party tools may utilize cookies. Users are advised to consult the privacy policies of these services for detailed information. Such services include:

Interaction with Social Networks and External Platforms: Enables users to interact with social networks directly from our pages.

Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting: Allows communication, optimization, and serving of ads based on the user’s history on our Application.

Statistics: Monitors and analyzes traffic data to track user behavior.

For a comprehensive understanding of these services, users can contact BMG INTERNATIONAL SAGL or refer to the privacy policies of third-party services.

Users can manage cookie preferences directly in their browsers, allowing them to prevent third parties from installing cookies. However, disabling all cookies may compromise the operation of our Platform. For detailed information on managing cookies in your browser, visit the respective browser support pages.

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